Auckland is at Alert Level 3 until at least 6 October 2021.
During this time, ARO continues to provide services to those requiring radiation therapy.
You will be contacted directly with any changes to your appointments.
New patient referrals will be accepted but please note there may be some delays to starting treatments due to the current COVID-19 conditions. Please be aware of border requirements (here) if you need to travel across alert level boundaries for appointments.
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The Patient Pathway

3. Simulation

Before starting treatment, you will attend a simulation appointment to work out the best body position for receiving treatment and provide a detailed picture of the area to be treated. Specific instructions relating to this appointment will be found in the back of My Treatment Booklet. You will receive your copy of My Treatment Book from your radiation oncologist or a member of our patient care team.  During the days following your orientation and simulation appointment our team of experts (physicists, radiation therapist planners and your radiation oncologist) work together to develop the ideal treatment plan for you. This involves a highly sophisticated planning software system and review process to guarantee safe and effective delivery of treatment. Depending on the site and complexity of the treatment, this stage can take up to two weeks and in some cases longer.

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