Auckland is at Alert Level 3 until at least 6 October 2021.
During this time, ARO continues to provide services to those requiring radiation therapy.
You will be contacted directly with any changes to your appointments.
New patient referrals will be accepted but please note there may be some delays to starting treatments due to the current COVID-19 conditions. Please be aware of border requirements (here) if you need to travel across alert level boundaries for appointments.
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The Patient Pathway

7. After Treatment

Usually 2-6 weeks after your last treatment visit you will meet with your radiation oncologist or the doctor that referred you to ARO. Your GP will also be sent a report about your treatment and will continue to provide for your general health needs. You are welcome to contact our patient care team to answer questions or concerns that you may have about your treatment or possible side effects up to 2 weeks following your last treatment visit.  Please telephone our nurses on 09 623 6585, email or make an appointment during business hours. Should you require support after 2 weeks, please contact the ARO Specialist Centre on phone 09 623 6587 or email For all other health concerns, please contact your GP, usual healthcare provider or local emergency facility.

Side Effects

The peak of any side effects experienced may occur around 7 to 14 days after the completion of your radiation therapy. This is due to the cumulative nature of the treatment. Most side effects only last a few weeks but some of the effects, such as tiredness, may last for a couple of months after the end of your treatment. However, you should gradually start to feel like yourself again.

Skin Care

For two weeks after completing treatment we advise that you continue with any special skin care instructions. Please also:

  • Avoid direct sunlight on the treated area.
  • Avoid hot pools until any skin reaction has completely healed.

The skin in the treatment area will always be more sensitive to the sun:

  • Apply sun-block with a SPF of 30 or higher to any exposed, previously treated skin, if you are going to be out in the sun.
  • If you have experienced a skin reaction do not apply sunscreen to the treated skin until it has completely healed.


If your diet has been modified during your radiation therapy treatment we recommend you gradually return to your normal eating habits after seven days, unless otherwise advised by your doctor. We also recommend you maintain good hydration for at least two weeks after your treatment is complete.

Long Term Side Effects

Most people return to “normal” after completion of their treatment, but a few patients experience some long term side effects. These can develop gradually over several months or years and will be monitored by your specialist team.


We value feedback, and are constantly striving to improve our care and service to patients. Once you have completed treatment we may ask you to fill out a short survey. However if at any time you wish to pass on a compliment or make a complaint please speak to one of our receptionists, or make a complaint in writing to the manager of radiation services who will discuss your concerns confidentially.

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