About Karen

Karen Harding is a Barrister and Solicitor who specialises as a criminal lawyer. Her clients are people who have been, or will be, charged with an offence against some law or statute.

Karen commenced practicing in 1997 and has represented thousands of clients on charges ranging from speeding to very serious offences. While she is widely known for representing those on driving and criminal charges, she also represents people charged under many other acts and legislation including the Arms, Fisheries, Maritime Safety and Companies' Acts as well as Resource Management issues.

Basically if you have to go to court for any reason, Karen can help you.

Karen appears daily in the courts in the Auckland region which has given her a thorough understanding and practical experience of how the system works in practice. This allows her to achieve the best possible results for clients.

Before setting up her law practice Karen spent three years in the hard world of direct sales to the public in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. This experience has given her a deeper view of life’s realities than the average lawyer. That experience is reflected in the way she works with her clients and the efforts she makes on their behalf.

As well as hands on experience Karen has a high degree of technical excellence and undergoes continuing research on legal trends and academic qualifications.

Academic Qualifications

  • Master of Law Degree, University of Auckland 2013
  • Bachelor of Law Degree, Victoria University Wellington 1997
  • Bachelor of Planning Degree, Auckland University 1992
  • Admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand 1997 and held a Practicing Certificate as a Barrister sole from 1997 until 31 January 2013.
  • Commenced practice as a Barrister & Solicitor with a Trust Account on 1 February 2012.
  • New Zealand Law Society Certificate of Advanced Litigation Skills 2005

Karen is supported by a small team who have many years’ experience in her practice. They keep the practice operating while Karen is in court which is for most of the day.

The key team member for clients is Barbara Chalk who takes phone enquiries, schedules appointments, provides initial advice and is the on-going day-to-day contact with clients.

Barbara has had vast experience in law firms in New Zealand and Australia and has worked with Karen for over eight years.

About Karen

Karen is a criminal lawyer and represent people who are charged with offences under criminal and traffic laws and breaches of other statutes and regulations. As your lawyer, she will manage your case through the legal system and relieve some of the stress associated with these kinds of proceedings. Read more »

Terms of Engagement

Work Licence

Lost your licence or about to lose it? Karen can help you with obtaining a Limited Licence, Work Licence or an Interlock Licence. Read more »

Fee Structure

Karen's clients are all private clients prepared to pay her for professional advice and by having her representing them, they know they are getting the best defence they can possibly get. Understanding that costs can be additional stress on top of the charge, Karen and her team have developed processes to minimise this concern as much as possible. Read more »