Criminal Charges

The list of potential charges people face is endless; too many to list. However regardless of the charge the same basic procedure is followed. The lawyer:

  1. has a consultation with you, the client, to explain the events and circumstances leading to the charge and outline your personal situation;
  2. reviews the Prosecution or Police evidence;
  3. considers all the information available and discusses the possible courses of action to resolve the issue with you;
  4. agrees a course of action with you and provides an estimate of costs;
  5. you then have the option to engage Karen to represent you or simply pay for the consultation advice and make alternative arrangements.

The major concern for the client is being comfortable with the lawyer and comfortable that the lawyer has the skill, experience and commitment that can be the difference from a good outcome and a bad result.

It is also important to Karen to have a good working relationship with her clients as a large amount of time and effort is used to achieve great outcomes for her clients. She meets with all clients personally, discusses the case with them and provides advice and options for going forward allowing both parties to assess the best way forward.

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Is it your first offence?

Do not be put off by the title of Criminal Lawyer. Karen's clients are ordinary people from all walks of life, just like you and I.

Are you a Repeat Offender?

If you have been to court before you will have some understanding of the process and will be aware that repeat offenders incur escalating sentence penalties. Karen offers you quality preparation and court representation to get the best possible outcome, often incorporating counselling and rehabilitation.

Counselling and Rehabilitation

Karen is committed to helping her clients with their rehabilitation in order to break the recurring cycle of convictions and the destructive effects of sentences. For those who want to break the offending cycle Karen can set up opportunities for clients to receive assessment and counselling, providing them the opportunity to turn their lives in a positive direction. Clients who genuinely enter into the rehabilitation process addressing the underlying causes of offending are well received by judges and this can be reflected in the sentences given.

Karen is a positive advocate of the new approaches in problem solving courts for drug and alcohol repeat offenders and family violence issues.

About Karen

Karen is a criminal lawyer and represent people who are charged with offences under criminal and traffic laws and breaches of other statutes and regulations. As your lawyer, she will manage your case through the legal system and relieve some of the stress associated with these kinds of proceedings. Read more »

Terms of Engagement

Work Licence

Lost your licence or about to lose it? Karen can help you with obtaining a Limited Licence, Work Licence or an Interlock Licence. Read more »

Fee Structure

Karen's clients are all private clients prepared to pay her for professional advice and by having her representing them, they know they are getting the best defence they can possibly get. Understanding that costs can be additional stress on top of the charge, Karen and her team have developed processes to minimise this concern as much as possible. Read more »