Electronic glitch means a discharge without penalty

When a client was charged with no less than 52 breaches of home detention, Karen knew something had gone seriously off base. After investigating the client’s home, she proved to the judge that the electronic monitoring was facing inadvertent interference.

The client was convicted – on one charge of returning home late from an approved absence – and then discharged without penalty.

Facing charges you know are unjust? Karen Harding can go to bat for you.

About Karen

Karen is a criminal lawyer and represent people who are charged with offences under criminal and traffic laws and breaches of other statutes and regulations. As your lawyer, she will manage your case through the legal system and relieve some of the stress associated with these kinds of proceedings. Read more »

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Work Licence

Lost your licence or about to lose it? Karen can help you with obtaining a Limited Licence, Work Licence or an Interlock Licence. Read more »

Fee Structure

Karen's clients are all private clients prepared to pay her for professional advice and by having her representing them, they know they are getting the best defence they can possibly get. Understanding that costs can be additional stress on top of the charge, Karen and her team have developed processes to minimise this concern as much as possible. Read more »